PART TWO: An objective drawing

For this exercise I have chosen to make an objective drawing of a pair of glasses. I was trying to become hyper-aware of its textures, physical qualities and uses.


This is a photo of the glasses I drew, but, this photograph seems to have skewed the perspective a little, making them appear slightly wider and more pointed than they actually are.


I spent a little time sketching out the shape of the glasses, to make an accurate outline to work from. After that I carefully observed the glasses and essentially used shading to colour it in. I used a range of pencils from 8B – 3H and smudged some of them with my finger once on the paper, to get a smoother, more plastic-like, texture.


My finished result is fairly minimal and not as accurate as I might have hoped it would turn out. This is because I find drawing from life endlessly frustrating and fairly joyless, so I tried to get it finished as quickly as possible. I recognise that in order to improve my observational drawing skills, I will need to do more of this type of drawing and am considering revisiting this at a later stage – instead, drawing a shoe, in order to understand the differences in textures and not have to focus so much on reflective surfaces (like glass and plastic) that cause me so much grief.

Overall this was a useful but frustrating exercise.


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