PART TWO: Turning words into pictures

For this exercise I chose the word KITCHEN. Here are my visual outcomes for this word:


‘Using drawing as a form of visual shorthand.’

During this exercise I noticed how I am developing a sense of visual editing and distillation of information, through practicing drawing more often than previously.

I think I could have filled more of the space, but I started with the table in the middle as I was writing KITCHEN, and then started pretty much from the left hand corner round in a clockwise movement to fill the page with things from my own kitchen, mostly from memory and some from life, as I moved to the kitchen half way through to finish the exercise. I like that this is not completely linear, in that things overlap and if you looked at it from a life-like comparison it seems unrealistic because things appear to be floating and out of context which, visually, makes it more compelling.




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